Your Guide to Yearly European Car Maintenance

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It’s common knowledge that European cars are some of the best in the world. According to USA Today, approximately 14 million vehicles on the road are at least 25 years old. With a European vehicle, you know you’re choosing a car that’s built to last. They have a durable build and perform at high efficiency, […]

Taking Care of Your Car in California Weather

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Climate-related car maintenance practices vary in different regions. In California, warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters characterize the climate. Your European cars will require more maintenance to keep operating as intended as the climate alternates. That is why people recently relocating to California might require different auto repairs than usual. Consequently, 54% of new […]

The Hottest BMW Models of 2022

According to Statista, luxury cars represented about five billion dollars in revenue in 2021. The competition for the best car is stiff in 2022. Many brands keep upping their game, and it’s increasingly hard to tell the king from the rest. BWM has had a lot of success in the ‘best cars’ competition. Here are […]