Reasons Why an Automatic Transmission in a Jaguar Jerks While Driving

Posted on Oct 11, 2021 by Aryan Efaf Jaguar-Automatic-Transmission

Whether manual or automatic, every Jaguar is equipped with a transmission system. The transmission system is essentially a gearbox within your vehicle. An automatic transmission is designed to allow drivers to swiftly change gears while accelerating without having to change the gears manually with a clutch pedal.

When working properly the transmission should smoothly shift through all gears at the appropriate time depending on the speed of the vehicle. The driver will often not feel the vehicle changing gears up or down when the speed fluctuates.

Over time, Jaguars may experience transmission issues that require an expert inspection. Below you will learn more about the transmission system and what to do if you find your automatic transmission jerks while you are driving your Jaguar.

Warning signs of a failing automatic transmission.

As with any part of your Jaguar, there will be many symptoms exhibited by your vehicle when something begins to fail. It is up to you, however, to ensure you know the warning signs so you are able to keep your vehicle in top shape.

  • The smell of burning fluid: When your transmission begins failing, your vehicle is more susceptible to experiencing a transmission fluid leak. When the transmission fluid begins to drop out of the reservoir, it drips out onto hot components of the engine. If there is only a small transmission fluid leak, you may not notice any symptoms right away. However, when too much transmission fluid leaks out, you will begin to notice a burning smell or hot rubber.
  • Transmission slipping: The transmission of your Jaguar may experience slipping. This occurs when your transmission does not have the right amount of power in order to stay in the correct gear. For example, when you are cruising down the road in your Jaguar, increasing speed as you go, your automatic transmission increases gear to get you to the right speed. If your transmission slips, it inevitably will fall out of the higher gear leaving you unable to increase your speed appropriately. This commonly occurs due to a decrease in transmission fluid, normal wear, and tear, or when the water has infiltrated the transmission fluid.
  • Shifting delays: The transmission of your Jaguar often comfortably changes gears around 3500 RPMs. If you notice your vehicle is hovering around 3500 RPMs for an extended period of time, it is likely to have trouble shifting gears properly. This is a common warning sign of a failing transmission system.
    Shifting delays and slipping of gears in your transmission system are often accompanied by the number one warning sign: jerking. If you notice your vehicle begins jerking while you are driving it is important that you have it inspected by an expert Jaguar mechanic immediately to avoid costly repairs.

Why is my automatic transmission failing?

Similar to your Jaguar's oil filter, the transmission filter is designed to filter out particles such as dirt and debris to keep your transmission fluid clean. The transmission filter is located in front of the transmission pump and is imperative in keeping your transmission running smoothly. Foreign particles that get into your transmission fluid cause an off pressure within the transmission leading to a damaged system.

The shift solenoid acts as a translator of your Jaguar's computer instructions to shift gears. It converts them directly into hydraulic pressure needed to power your transmission. If the solenoid fails, your transmission malfunction.


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