Most people wait until something goes wrong with their car before they take it in to get serviced. The average car driving around within the U.S. is a record-high 11.5 years old, as per the latest IHS Automotive survey. This simply means that people are holding on to their vehicles for a longer period of time and racking up more miles. But when is it the right time to service your BMW? Here are a few signs that can help you know when to take your vehicle to a Costa Mesa BMW service shop.

1. Unusual Noises Coming From the Car

If you start hearing strange noises coming from your car, it is time to take it in to get serviced. These noises could be a sign that something is wrong with your engine or another major component of your car. Obviously, be cautious when driving with a car making strange noises.

2. The Car is Not Running as Smoothly as It Used To

Once your car starts to run a little less smoothly, it is time to have it checked. If your car ever stalls or just generally feels different to drive, you should take note of it. This could be because of a problem with the engine or the transmission. A Costa Mesa BMW service can help you determine the problem and fix it before it becomes a bigger issue.

3. Your Car Is Due for a Tune-Up

Most cars need to be tuned up every few years. A tune-up involves changing the oil, checking the fluids, and generally making sure everything is running smoothly. If it has been a while since your last auto repair visit, then you need to take your car in for a valuable tune-up.

4. The Check Engine Light is On

If the lights are on, it could be because of several different issues, so it is best to get it checked out as soon as possible. While sometimes lights can come on while there is no problem, it will give you peace of mind to get an expert opinion.

5. You are Due for an Oil Change

Most cars need their oil changed every few months. If it has been a while since you had your oil changed, you need to drive your car to a Costa Mesa BMW service and get it changed. This usually only takes an hour or so, but can save you from tons of car trouble down the road.

As soon as you notice any of these signs, ensure that you get in touch with a Costa Mesa BMW service to schedule a servicing. European Auto OC will make sure your car is running smoothly and safely again.