Jaguar is a part of a British multinational manufacturing company known as Jaguar Land Rover, founded in 1922 by William Lyons and William Walmsley in Blackpool, United Kingdom. Jaguar is widely known for its high-powered engine, sleek interior designs, and out-of-this-world features. Drivers hold their Jaguar to a higher standard than most, but even the best of vehicles experiences wear and tear. Below, you will learn more about what coolant is, what it does, and what to do should you experience Jaguar’s Coolant Leak.

What is the primary role of coolant?

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is made up of distilled water, alcohol, and a few additives. It is often bright pink or bright green and has a sweet smell. The primary function of coolant is to keep the engine cool by absorbing heat as it circulates throughout the engine.

Coolant is continually circulated through your Jaguar’s engine system to prevent overheating that can otherwise cause serious damage.

How do you detect an antifreeze leak?

The first thing to do when fluid is leaking from your Jaguar is to determine the source of the leak. Various fluids are flowing through your vehicle to keep it running at optimal performance levels, so it’s important to make sure it’s coolant that’s leaking and not oil, transmission fluid, or brake fluid.

Why is my Jaguar leaking coolant?

As the coolant circulates through the engine, the fluid begins heating from the amount of heat absorbed from the engine compartment. Once it has circulated through the engine, it is held inside the radiator where it can cool back down to be recirculated through the engine.

When the radiator forms cracks or holes, coolant is able to flow freely out of the system resulting in an improperly functioning radiator. When this occurs, your Jaguar is at an increased risk of engine overheating. Poor maintenance and/or damage to the radiator from roadway debris also increases the risk of cracks, holes, and excess damage to the radiator resulting in a coolant leak.

In addition, an internal coolant leak is often caused by a failing head gasket, which is responsible for closing the coolant system circuit. Without a properly functioning head gasket, the coolant system is unable to maintain pressure and is unable to keep coolant from leaking out into areas it is not supposed to be.

A faulty head gasket typically allows coolant to leak out into the cylinders or crankcase where it is able to mix with engine oil, causing contamination and detrimental damage to the engine. If coolant reaches the spark plugs, it begins to burn, resulting in white emissions from the exhaust. The most common cause of head gasket failure is damage from consistent overheating temperatures beneath the hood.

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