European Auto Clutch Services & Repairs for Costa Mesa Drivers


European cars are known for providing drivers with a smooth, comfortable driving experience. A slipping or worn out clutch can instantly impact the type of performance you enjoy from your car and can quickly lead to severe problems throughout your vehicle. Because the components in your clutch will wear down over time, annual maintenance is key to making sure any issues in your clutch can be caught before they become major (and expensive) headaches. At European Import Service, we help European auto owners all throughout the Costa Mesa area take care of their car’s clutch with a commitment to quality & customer service.

Signs Your Clutch May Be Slipping


With how often you drive, when something is wrong usually you can feel it right away. When it comes to your clutch, these are just some of the things you may be noticing that can indicate issues with your clutch:

Burning Smells When Revving Engine


Difficulties Shifting Between Gears


Clutch Pedal Sticks or Feels Spongy


Poor Acceleration


Unusual Noises When Pressing Clutch

At European Import Service, after we’ve diagnosed the issues with your clutch, we’ll handle any needed repairs quickly & accurately, getting you back on the road with a car you can depend on. We keep our shop fully equipped with the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available so that we can always guarantee the highest quality services & repairs no matter what your car needs.

Your European Auto Experts

At European Import Service we specialize in servicing all models of:

Focusing on these brands allows our team to work with you to ensure your car always gets the exact service it needs to perform at the level you expect.

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Located in Costa Mesa, since we first opened in 2017 European Import Service has grown to be the go-to European auto shop for surrounding areas as well including:

If your clutch seems to be slipping or you have any further questions for our team of friendly mechanics, please call or visit our shop today.

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