Land Rover Cooling System Service

                Land Rover Cooling issues are a common cause of very expensive repairs if not caught quickly. Cooling system leaks are the epitome of a usually small issue that can quickly escalate into a catastrophic engine failure and a repair bill in the thousands of dollars range. At European Import Service, we are Newoport Beach’s leading Land Rover cooling system service and repair center.

How Do I Know If My Land Rover or Range Rover Has A Coolant Leak?

Coolant leaks can be easy to spot, but sometimes they can be more difficult to notice. Here are some of the symptoms of a Land Rover Coolant Leak.

  1. Sweet Smell: Coolant, or antifreeze as it is sometimes called, intentionally has a sweet smell and a bright color. Certainly this is to make it easy for you to spot. If you catch a sweet odor coming from under the hood, it is a safe assumption that you have a coolant leak.
  2. Lower Gas Mileage: Modern automobiles are designed with an optimal operating temperature range. Lower coolant levels from a leak can cause your Land Rover’s engine temperature to be higher than optimum. This can lead to you experiencing reduced gas mileage.
  3. Coolant pooling or puddles under your Land Rover: Coolant leaks that pool in puddles under your car are a sure sign of a cooling system leak. It is easy to spot as the liquid will be a bright (commonly green, orange or pink) color. Conversely, you may notice a sweet smell from the leaked fluid.
  4. Engine Overheating: Your engine temperature is running higher than normal. If the overheating warning comes on, you likely are low on coolant, likely due to a leak in the cooling system.

Common Causes of Land Rover Cooling System Leaks

There are many parts that can leak in your Land Rover’s Cooling System. Below is a list of the most common causes you may experience:

  1. Radiator Cap Leak: Your Land Rover Cooling System is pressurized. Thus, if the seal fails or is loose, your car can loose coolant when operating.
  2. Reservoir Crack: A crack or hole can cause your coolant to leak
  3. Leaking Water Pump: A faulty water pump can leak or not pump a sufficient volume of coolant leading to overheating issues.
  4. Radiator Leak: A hole or crack can develop in your radiator and lead to overheating issues. As shown in a technical bulletin from Land Rover North America, some models have an issue with the cooling system. The front bumper assembly is not being aligned properly. Eventually this flexes the auxiliary radiator and can cause a crack to form.
  5. Leak in Coolant Hoses or Lines: Your hoses and coolant lines can develop pin holes or cracks and leak. Hoses can also become loose or worn where they connect to the system and cause overheating issues.

What Should I Do if My Land Rover Has a Coolant Leak?

If your Land Rover is experiencing any symptoms of a cooling system issue, schedule an appointment or call us. We can diagnose the problem and quickly fix it before a major problem develops. European Import Service in Costa Mesa specializes in Land Rover service and repairs. We can quickly diagnose the cause of your coolant leak and fix it before it turns into a hefty repair.