Maserati is an Italian luxury-performance automotive brand. Maserati is known for it’s performance and next level luxury. From the Powerful engines and the glorious sound Maserati is known for to the race car like handling, there is nothing like a Maserati. With such incredible speed available, it is only fitting that Maserati uses high performance brake systems on their vehicles. Modern Maserati’s use Brembo brake systems, each car model’s brakes are carefully matched to the engine performance. This means that the more performance a given model is capable of, the stronger the brakes will be. Maserati uses Dual cast rotors meaning they have both cast iron for strength and aluminum for weight reduction. This allows for less un-sprung weight (the parts of the car that are not carried by the suspension), allowing for better handling performance. Maserati uses ceramic infused brake pads to dramatically reduce heat in the pads and rotors. Heat is the enemy when it comes to brake systems and doing your Maserati Brake Service on time helps with how cool the system is kept, the longer and harder you can drive your car with rock solid fade free braking.

Signs you need to have your Maserati Brake System Checked!

Maserati Total Service

To keep your Maserati brake system working to its full potential, regular inspections and servicing is necessary. It is recommended to have the brake pads, rotors and fluid levels checked regularly, at least every year or 12,500 miles – whichever comes first. Every 2 years or 25,000 miles the brake fluid needs to be replaced.

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