Climate-related car maintenance practices vary in different regions. In California, warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters characterize the climate. Your European cars will require more maintenance to keep operating as intended as the climate alternates.

That is why people recently relocating to California might require different auto repairs than usual. Consequently, 54% of new movers need auto repair services, and 49% look for auto components during the first six months of their move, as per HomeTown Welcome Program reports.

How will you ensure your European vehicle remains perfect while staying in California? Let’s find out.

Summer Season in California

Even though road trips and other outdoor activities are ideal in California during summer, your car may not withstand the intense heat. The summer heat can cause several issues, including engine overheating, gasoline leaks, worn wiper blades, and weak batteries. Therefore, address any change you notice in your car sooner to prevent catastrophes arising from these breakages.

Before every trip, you should always check your car’s AC and tire pressure. Furthermore, swap out the oil and filter to clean the engine oil of contaminants. Also, to avoid overheating, always ensure the fluid level is adequate. Do not hesitate to contact European auto repair Costa Mesa, CA to address any damage that needs fixing.

Winter in California

For your winter in California, prepare for catastrophes like low tire pressure, frozen fuel lines, and road salt damage. Your car’s fluids may also be at risk from the harsh winter cold. For instance, your transmission fluid, motor oil, and antifreeze can thicken and slow down. This may make it difficult to start the engine and make driving feel slow.

Monitoring your car’s condition and noting any parts that need maintenance is the most excellent way to avert these disasters. It’s prudent to have at least half a petrol tank in your car in case of emergencies.

Wintertime in California may bring snowfall to some areas. Winter tires may be the best option for such regions. The tires give you more traction when turning or stopping on icy pavement.

Also, check your tires’ pressure once weekly. According to Phys, every 10 degrees that the temperature drops, your tires lose a pound of pressure. It’s dangerous to drive with under-inflated tires. European auto repair, Costa Mesa, CA has all the tools to repair your European car if you notice any alterations.

Your European car might develop peculiar behavior due to California. If you are new in the state, you might feel worried. Contact a European auto repair Costa Mesa CA expert to schedule a check-up. .