According to Statista, luxury cars represented about five billion dollars in revenue in 2021. The competition for The Hottest BMW Models of 2022. Many brands keep upping their game, and it’s increasingly hard to tell the king from the rest. BWM has had a lot of success in the ‘best cars’ competition. Here are some of the recent popular BMWs that we service.

BMW 2 Series Coupé

This is not just one of The Hottest BMW Models of 2022. It’s one of the hottest cars in general. A few days after it was launched, the BMW Two Series Coupé was crowned the “Best Vehicle” title in the “Compact Section.” Most people seem to be super intrigued by the sporty two-door model. This car has a consistently dynamic vehicle concept. It sports a considerably extroverted design, rear-wheel drive, balanced driving characteristics, and an in-line 6-cylinder engine. This combination of features delivers maximum driving pleasure if you want something in the premium compact segment.

BMW 5 Series

This is another hot offering from BMW in the upper mid-range class. but is this The Hottest BMW Models of 2022?! This sporty, elegant vehicle with superior driving comfort and dynamic performance takes the trophy when it comes to business sedans and touring models. You also get a lot of advanced equipment in operation, driver assistance, and networking areas. The 5 series doesn’t disappoint when it comes to engines. You can choose from three diesel and four petrol engines with either four, six, or eight cylinders. For the more environmentally conscious, you can pick from a few hybrid selections.

Are The All-Electric BMW Models, The Hottest BMW Models of 2022?

The new all-electric BMW models are definitely among the hottest. They were generally accepted quite well by both the expert juries and the general public. The BMW iX was named the electric vehicle of the year in 2021 by GQ magazine. On the other hand, Top Gear listed the full-electric i4 Gran Coupé as the 2022 “Saloon of the Year.” BMW’s all-electric technology was named “Best Debut NEV” and “National New NEV of the Year” by various online portals. This success stretches from 2021 to 2022. Currently, the BMW i4 was voted one of the best cars in 2022. This car perfectly displays BMWs vision for the future of electric mobility.

These are some of the hottest BMWs you’ll ever come across. Interested in learning more about BMW service and repairs? Get in touch with our team at Costa Mesa BMW service today. We would love to hear from you.