The fuel pump plays an important role in the smooth running of the engine in your Porsche. This component can get damaged due to a number of reasons, and when that happens, you’ll no longer be able to enjoy the high performance that you expect from your Porsche. You will notice some significant changes in your driving, changes that will need to be corrected immediately to restore your driving experience.

Let’s have a look at some of the causes of fuel pump failure, the signs that accompany the failure, and what you should do when it happens.

Causes Of Fuel Pump Failure

The fuel pump is the component in your Porsche that delivers fuel into the engine from the gas tank. One of the main causes of fuel pump failure is contaminated fuel. This could be adulterated fuel or moisture from humid environments, or even dust and soil particles finding their way into the fuel tank. These contaminants all deteriorate the quality of fuel, causing the fuel pump to be unable to deliver the fuel as needed into the engine for combustion.

Another cause of fuel pump failure that arises from contamination is clogged filters in the pump. Before oil goes into the engine, it has to go through a pump that has filters. These remove any impurities from the oil, ensuring that pure oil gets into the engine. Over time these filters and the pump can get clogged by debris, preventing efficient delivery of oil into the engine for combustion.

The longer you drive your Porsche without getting the fuel pump checked, the higher the chances of it becoming clogged. Using contaminated or poor-quality fuel will also increase the chances of your fuel pump getting clogged or damaged. This is why you should only fuel at trustworthy fuel pumps.

Most fuel pumps in modern models today are automated, and therefore powered by electric charges. This is why electrical issues in your Porsche can cause fuel pump failure. Electrical issues can be as a result of blown fuses, loose connectors, or melted wires from regular wear and tear. Whatever the case, when there’s no electric charge, the fuel pump in your Porsche will be unable to deliver fuel into the engine.

Driving while low on gas will also put your Porsche’s fuel pump at risk of failure. This is because most of the fuel that gets delivered into the engine from the fuel tank usually ends up back into the tank to help with cooling off the engine parts. When you are driving on low fuel, there’s not enough fuel to help cool off the engine parts, causing these components to overheat and break down.

Signs Of Fuel Pump Failure

Some of the signs that will point to fuel pump failure include hard starts. When your engine can’t get fuel delivered into the combustion chamber, it will not start. A hard start is what happens when the fuel pump has to overcome a malfunction to get the fuel into the engine. In addition, your engine might start but then run roughly before it stops completely.

A faulty fuel pump will also cause your Porsche to have poor fuel efficiency. This is because the fuel pump may not receive the correct amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. The engine could also be compensating for the incorrect amounts of fuel, causing your car to use more gas than you normally would.

You may also notice that your car may not be able to power up when you step on the accelerator. This is because the fuel pump will be unable to deliver the needed amount of fuel to pick up speed.

European Import Service for your Porsche


Fuel pump failure in your Porsche will happen at some point in the course of your driving. This is why you need to have a certified Porsche auto mechanic for your regular servicing visits. A mechanic that’s familiar with luxury European models will be able to ensure that you take the necessary steps that will hold off the fuel pump failure and let you enjoy your driving experience much longer. What’s more, a reliable auto repair shop will also provide authentic repair parts & services that will reduce the number of times that you’ll need to replace your fuel pump.

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