Audi builds some of the most technologically advanced vehicles available. They blend performance and luxury unlike any other automaker. Audi has many innovations, and undoubtedly their most famous is their Quatro all-wheel drive system. Additionally, Audi has the habit of using technology from racing in their production vehicles. This level of performance and precision has also led to a reputation of reliability issues. Chiefly among those issues are oil leaks.

  1. Valve Cover Gasket. The valve cover gasket is a common cause for oil leaks in Audi’s. Heat and degradation of the gasket to can lead to leaking oil.
  2. Oil Pan Gasket. Heat and damage can cause the oil pan seal to fail.
  3. Oil Filter. The Oil filter can begin to leak when it is not securely fastened, as well as being knocked loose. Old filters can get clogged with impurities eventually causing leaks.
  4. Oil Drain Plug. A poorly sealed or damaged oil drain plug can also lead to oil leaks.
  5. Other Gaskets, Lines and Oil Coolers. These can be serious issues. Wear, heat, and damage can lead to serious problems.

What are the signs my Audi is leaking oil?

There are a few telltale signs of oil leaks to look out for.

  1. The smell of burning oil. If the valve cover is leaking, oil can get onto the cylinder head, exhaust or other hot parts of the engine. These parts get hot enough to burn the oil. Occasionally, smoke will be present.
  2. Dirty Valve Cover. A dirty valve cover is a clear sign of an oil leak. The oil will attract dirt as well as debris making a paste like substance.
  3. Running Rough. Oil leaks can reach the sparkplugs, causing misfiring as well as lead to very serious engine issues.
  4. Engine Oil Light. When the engine oil light comes on, your Audi is dangerously low on oil. The leak has reduced the level of oil in the engine, consequently major engine damage can result.
  5. Oil on Ground Under Car. Another sign of an oil leak is oil dripping under the vehicle. This is often from the oil pan, oil filter or oil drain plug.
  6. Low oil level on dip stick. If your Audi is losing oil you will see the level dropping over time.

If your Audi is experiencing any of the above symptoms of an oil leak, call us today to make an appointment. Our expert mechanics have the training and equipment to diagnose your Audi for any oil leak issues. Oil leaks can quickly escalate into a major problem as well as a major repair bill. We proudly serve Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Huntington Beach and the surrounding areas.